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His other marketing was limited to a few pamphlets. Fortunately, Brian had a friend named Kenny Berger. To understand Brian's journey, we need to know a little bit about his pal, Kenny...

Brian Murphy is a small firm lawyer. He practices in South Carolina, handling personal injury cases.

He's a good lawyer; he serves his clients well.

Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy

But Brian had a problem...

In early 2015, he was dealing with a disappointing website. His other marketing was limited to a few pamphlets. Fortunately, Brian had a friend named Kenny Berger. To understand Brian's journey, we need to know a little bit about his pal, Kenny...

Kenny happens to be a South Carolina "PI guy" as well. Kenny once worked at a larger firm until he approached the partners and asked if he could try out a new way of marketing.

It was a brand new approach to marketing. He was confident it could help the practice get more clients. Surely the partners were interested in that!

They weren't. The partners shot down Kenny's ideas and told him "do good work and the clients will come." It's a refrain many lawyers hear from other lawyers, professors, and bar associations.

Kenny knew there was tremendous opportunity being ignored...

Kenny Berger
Kenny Berger

He decided to strike out on his own, opening the doors to his practice on January 11, 2011. He only had two offices in a shared space. And Kenny was "just 29 years old." Most would say he was too young, but Kenny's dad started his dental practice at 25, making Kenny the old dog in the race.

Kenny had a Secret Weapon on his side when he hung his shingle. He was prepared to start marketing using strategies he learned after answering an ad in a statewide lawyer publication.

The information he found grew his practice from Zero to multiple Six-Figures in just a couple years. The strategies were delivered to him as part of his new membership with Great Legal Marketing (that's us!).

To this day, Kenny is busy building a practice that both helps members of his South Carolina community and supports the lifestyle he wants to live. He doesn't live in debt or worry about making payroll.

Lucky for Brian, Kenny recommended that he check out Great Legal Marketing for himself.

Brian was smart enough to listen!

He ordered a system called "Power Tools for Lawyers" from Great Legal Marketing and activated a free trial membership. If nothing else, he could "test drive" the ideas.

Brian immediately knew he had found something... something that could change the trajectory of his life and his practice forever...

Everything CLICKED.

In less than a year, Brian's biggest problem went from "getting more cases" to "expanding his practice!"

And he did it as solo practitioner!

Pretty incredible, right?

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You Don't Need ANY Special Advantages or Knowledge to Build a Marketing System Just Like Kenny's, Brian's, Joe's, Frances', Brenda's, or Any One of Our Other Members!

Actually, you'll be well-served by forgetting most of what you've been taught about marketing so far!

When the average "marketing consultant" talks about small businesses, he or she is talking about a company with 50+ employees. That's not what you and I are used to. Most law firms have 10 or fewer employees and fewer than five lawyers practicing past its doors.

These consultants don't have the experience of building a business, much less a professional practice, from the ground up.

I started my own practice, BenGlassLaw, in 1995. Back then, "lawyer marketing" was still a pretty new concept. Most of it revolved around what you would put in the Yellow Pages (remember that?).

Back then, I was approached by a marketing group interested in creating a marketing campaign for me. It sounded glamorous.

I didn't know any better...

They brought me into their conference room for the Big Reveal. It was a scene straight out of AMC's Mad Men.

The ad was an image of David slaying Goliath. Talk about a cliche, right?!

Every part of this campaign was one big flop. Starting with the horrible presentation by a group of people who I had to better smarter than me. They were NOT

My own journey to marketing enlightenment had its own set of twists and turns. There were more failed attempts at more "brand awareness" ads. Lots of those (we've all been there, done that). But I wasn't ready to give up...

mail-1048452_640One day, I found an offer in my mailbox for a program called Magnetic Marketing by a man named Dan Kennedy. I wasn't certain what I was ordering, but the idea of "inbound marketing" that didn't require me to take a "used car salesman" approach intrigued me...

When the product arrived, I was perplexed. It was a collection of transcripts, samples, and cassette tapes (I'm starting to show my age here).

I nearly sent it back...

That would have been the most costly decision of my life.

Instead, I listened.

I learned. Took notes. Re-listened.

And I made changes. Soon, the phone was ringing constantly. I was setting more appointments than ever before. I was able to hire a new associate and new staff members. I had to just to keep up with the new clients!

I'll be honest. I'm not special. I don't have secret knowledge or a special degree.

I've failed A LOT. That's my greatest advantage. I failed my way to success.

And thanks to the bumps, bruises, and gashes I endured, you can learn from my mistakes. You'll be able to start far ahead of where I was!


Every Step of the Process, Everything You Need

Today, in addition to being a full-time practicing attorney, I run Great Legal Marketing, the #1 success organization for solo and small firm lawyers.

You can find every consumer practice area represented: personal injury, estate planning, bankruptcy, immigration, criminal defense, traffic/DUI, family law, real estate - the list goes on.

Every one of them uses the same simple system to attract new and better clients. They've doubled their personal income, found more time for family vacations, purchased new homes, and more.



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