Congratulations for working on your success!

Yes, you DO DESERVE congratulations. Most in our profession are disinterested in pursuing success, despite the personal and community benefits it brings. They even belittle it! But, you aren't one to bow down aimlessly to authority. You're a bit of a renegade, just like me. Never be ashamed by the pursuit of self-improvement...

Now That You and I Are "Behind Closed Doors," I Have to 'Fess Up to Something...

Dear Friend,

I'm fed up. There, I said it.

I am tired of lawyers who go to bar association meetings and events to complain. "LegalZoom should be sued for practicing law without a license!" "Those big firms are spending millions on television advertising. How can I possibly compete with that?" "I think that lawyers who do advertisements are scum! Why would you want to be one of those attorneys!"

I needed to get that off my chest. Thank you.

I felt like I could tell you about my frustration since you're not like them. Clearly not since you requested the enclosed materials.

I'll bet you're just as tired about the complaining, since you chose to seek out information on how to improve your marketing. Would you say that is correct?

It drives me nuts because our profession is overflowing with opportunities.
Practically bursting at the seams!

Lawyers who sit in their ivory towers - who aren't involved in the day to day work of running a small practice - would rather you not know these ways to bypass the "ladder of success."  Their incentive is only to keep you grinding it out, waiting for a lucky break (while they collect check from people who would be better served with you as their lawyer).

You would think that it's never been harder to be a small firm lawyer. That's the kind of dismal language used by our peers.

I completely REJECT that idea.

It has never been a better or more profitable time to be a lawyer with marketing skills! (Shhh...don't tell the ivory tower guys...)

When I opened the doors to my practice, BenGlassLaw, in 1995, it was difficult. Lawyer marketing was a mere 18 years old after Bates V. Arizona was decided by the Supreme Court in 1977! The internet was in its infancy. Social media, YouTube, and all the media formats we now take for granted were nonexistent.

The Yellow Pages was still the biggest name in town for getting in front of potential clients. They knew it too, and you had to pay extraordinary amounts to get a tiny ad in a crowded Legal Services section.

The barrier of entry was staggeringly high. Hanging a shingle was risky.

The expectation back then was to join an already successful practice and try to make partner. I followed that path. Even made partner. I was "living the dream." At least that's what I was being told.

But I was UNHAPPY.

The commute was awful. My family was growing, and I had just purchased a new house. Every trip into Washington, DC from my Northern Virginia home made me miserable.

So I decided enough is enough. BenGlassLaw was born.

It wasn’t an easy birthing process.

It was fraught with complications. There were moments that I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep the lights on, much less make the payment on my mortgage.

Back then, you couldn’t find people or resources talking directly to you and me. The “small firm lawyer” was a lonely world. No one was showing us a real path to success: how to get more clients, make more money, and live the life we wanted.

Our elders told us to “do good work and the clients will come.” Or my favorite: “Be professional. We don’t go find clients. They come find us.”

Conveniently, they already had established, profitable practices.

In my quest for help, I turned to a local ad agency. (If you’re already cringing and/or laughing at me for this error, don’t spoil the punch line just yet...)

They told me they could put together a marketing campaign totally unique to my practice. I found myself sitting in a boardroom with a covered easel at one end. The whole thing looked like a scene from AMC’s Mad Men.

Then came the “Big Reveal.” The cover was pulled back to reveal an image of David slaying Goliath. I think my eyes rolled into the back of my head. I thought these were the experts! These guys were just as clueless as me at the time. More clueless, even!

There were small business gurus and experts out there, but they just hadn’t focused on the legal profession. Why would they when there was so much resistance by the legal profession to the mere idea of marketing?

We just didn’t know any better.

One day – an unremarkable day in my law office with the phone barely ringing and no exciting new client appointments in sight – I received an offer in the mail from a company known as Nightingale-Conant. It was for a little product called Magnetic Marketing, produced by someone named Dan Kennedy.

I almost didn’t purchase it. The idea it espoused was appealing. I could turn my practice into “new customer magnet.” I wouldn’t need to sell myself. Instead, I would “set the bait” and watch as new clients started beating down my door to hire me as their lawyer. Pretty cool, right?

I placed my order. I didn’t know what to expect.

It was a set of cassette tapes with transcripts and samples bound in a three-ring binder. To say it was a ragtag affair would be selling short how “slapdash” it looked.

The GLM SummitI nearly sent it back.

That would have been a costly mistake.

Instead, I listened to the cassettes.

I learned. Took notes. Re-listened.

And I made changes...

Soon, the phone was ringing constantly. I was setting more client meetings than ever before. I was able to hire a new associate and new staff members. I had to just to keep up with the new clients!

I'll be honest: I'm not special.

I've failed A LOT. That's my greatest advantage. I failed my way to success.

It would have been nice to not stumble blindly. To avoid careening into obstacles and challenges. It would have saved me money, time, and headaches.

That feeling of frustration is why I made the determination a little over 10 years ago to not let my knowledge go to waste or to hide it jealously from others.

I want you to start ahead of where I was in 1995. I want you to see everything I’ve done since then to build a practice that has put four kids through college with five more soon headed there.

(Yes, I have nine kids. Four were adopted from China. Two have social-psychological issues from living in orphanages that will likely affect them for their whole lives. Our house is a busy one, and my family members look to me to provide for their financial and emotional well-being. I’m not embarrassed by my ability to provide for them. Or by my ability to afford the home I live in. You should never feel that way either.)

This is the point where most turn away...

There is extreme danger in abdicating knowledge.

What you don’t know can indeed hurt you.

Many just want a Magic Bullet, Instant Cure-all Pill, or Easy Button. That’s what the complainers in our profession beg for.

Now, if they did some searching like you, they would see there are Ways to Make It Easier.

I won’t lie to you.

You can’t wake up tomorrow with an extra $1,000,000 in the bank.

But you CAN find an extra $10,000 or more after 90 days.

You certainly CAN achieve another $25,000 after six months.

And in the next 12-24 months, you can as much as DOUBLE YOUR INCOME as a small firm lawyer.

How can that be done?

It will require elbow grease. Sorry. Looking for the Easy Button? Look elsewhere. Join the folks who are busy with excuses at bar meetings.

You won’t have to do it alone. As a matter of fact, you’ll be part of an Exclusive Society of lawyers who have taken and are taking the same journey.

Lawyers including...

  • Bob Battle (traffic/DUI; Virginia)
  • Scott Grossman (probate; California)
  • Meliha Halpern (personal injury; Maryland)
  • John Griffith (personal injury; Tennessee)
  • Robert Malove (criminal defense; Florida)
  • Stuart Carpey (personal injury; Pennsylvania)
  • Vaugan de Kirby (immigration; California)
  • Carol Dadiz (real estate; Illinois)
  • Max Meyers (personal injury; Washington)
  • Frances Wraback (bankruptcy; New Jersey)
  • Sonja Aoun (family law; Virginia)
  • Walter Reaves (criminal defense; Texas)
  • Flor McCarthy (personal injury; Ireland)
  • Ches Crosbie (personal injury; Canada)
  • Charles Internicola (franchise law; New York)
  • Tim Young (maritime; Louisiana)
  • Nathan Leonardo (criminal defense; Arizona)
  • Alfonso Gambone (criminal defense; Pennsylvania)
  • Sam Gaylord (worker’s compensation; New Jersey)
  • Jim Dodson (personal injury; Florida)
  • Michele Lewane (workers’ compensation; Virginia)
  • Brian Mittman (disability; New York)
  • Brent Adams (personal injury; North Carolina)
  • Corey Walker (personal injury; Iowa)
  • Brenda Geiger (estate planning; California)
  • Andres Mejer (immigration; New Jersey)
  • Julian Gomez (personal injury; Texas)
  • Joe Miller (personal injury; Virginia)
  • Doug Jones (elder law; Arkansas)
  • Mike Cardoza (debt relief; California)
  • Charles Internicola (franchise law; New York)
  • Tim Semelroth (workers’ compensation; Iowa)
  • Sharon Christie (disability; Maryland)
  • And many, many more

That was my “just to name a few list” so you truly understand that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO IT ALONE.

You can “script” the steps to success.

You will have to take those steps, but you’ll know exactly where to put your foot next. No walking around blindly like I did.

I will guide you to success, happiness, and wealth. My track record speaks for itself, and I have a lengthy list of lawyers whose lives I have improved.

Taking the Next Step Today...

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This decision is in your hands. I made my choice more than a decade ago. There is no doubt it was the best choice I ever made (except for marrying my wife and best friend, Sandi).

If you have any doubts, there’s one more thing you must know.

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Committed to Your Success,

Benjamin W. Glass, III, Esq.

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  • Easily create highly effective videos using a completely laid out process for you. This includes how to use elements such as lighting, green screen, and simple editing software to create high quality and interesting videos that you can record using your iPhone. Putting these videos online will give you a larger web presence and a better chance at showing up on a Google search.

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  • Facebook advertising can be tricky - so I’ll show you how to manipulate your ads to get the most bang for your buck. You’ll learn how to define your target audience and how to draw them to your Facebook page and website by using well-crafted, unique ads. I’ll explain to you the different types of ads Facebook uses and help you pick the one right for your campaign. The results of using Facebook advertising (the right way) will result in more traffic to your website and more clients in the door.

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