“Stop Working for Your Law Firm and Put Your Law Firm to Work for You”

Earn the income you deserve (without endless grinding), get the “grunt work” off your desk (and work fewer hours), attract more clients than ever before (while spending less on your marketing), and see how to live the life you actually WANT… not the life others are telling you to live.

Renegade Attorney Puts Money in Your Pocket By Defying the “Ivory Tower Powers” and Empowering Solo and Small Firm Attorneys with a Marketing System Guaranteed to Work!

Dear Friend and Fellow Attorney,

Does it feel like you and your law practice carry around unnecessary baggage? Do you feel like there is a weight holding you back from the next stage of growth? Are you dealing with too few clients or too many bad ones? Are you ambitious about wanting a bigger, better practice but want to make the right moves forward instead of costly mistakes?

If any of that rings true, but the thought of dealing with the problem just seems to bring new stress… well, frankly, you’re not alone.

It’s not fun to run a law firm that feels more like it runs you. How many experiences in your life have you said “no” to because your law firm demanded your attention?

I’ll never forget the first 10 years of owning my practice. It was regularly unpleasant...

I opened the doors to BenGlassLaw in 1995 after working for an insurance defense firm that was starting to handle plaintiffs’ work. Like many other attorneys who feel the entrepreneurial spark, I took a few cases with me from the firm (where I had recently made partner) and decided to take back control of my life. I wanted to live closer to home - no more missed dinners or events for the kids.

Well, I didn’t have any problem making it home for dinner. There wasn’t enough work for me to justify having the doors open a full 40 hours each week!

As you know, running a practice that isn’t bringing in enough good clients is draining.

It drains your finances.

It drains you emotionally.

It even saps your energy physically.

Bringing in bad clients is even worse! It can destroy your team.

But what can you do about it?

There is an answer... if you have the right attitude.

I’m Not One to Take It Lying Down - Are You?

Despite the slow start of my law practice, I was determined to DO SOMETHING. But I wasn’t sure where to turn...

After putting together a mish-mash of resources (book, tapes, etc. - many from my now-friend Dan Kennedy), I built a marketing system designed around a very simple idea: ATTRACT ONLY THE BEST CLIENTS and stop doing marketing designed to appeal more to others in the profession than my actual clients.

Here’s what happened…

The Before and After Pictures
(Without Actual Pictures)

In all the fitness and diet ads you see, there are before and after pictures to show you the potential of the program. Well, what I accomplished doesn’t involve shirtless pictures, but I can tell you about what life is like now versus then.

THEN: The only people in my office were myself and one employee - my sister. We regularly left the office early on Fridays because there wasn’t enough work to justify twiddling our thumbs for an afternoon.
NOW: As of this writing, my team includes eight employees and a couple of freelance brief writers. I have intentionally kept my squad small since my preference is to work only on bigger cases that interest me. My firm is a “lifestyle business.” It is centered around the life I want to live and being a manager of 25+ employees just isn’t how I want to operate. (However, many of Great Legal Marketing’s members happily manage many more than I do with incredible success!)

THEN: Enough money to keep us afloat and pay the mortgage. I had four kids at the time.
NOW: I have nine kids. I’ve already put four through college and will put another five through college and/or trade school in the next seven to ten years. Four of my kids are adopted from China and two have significant social anxiety issues from their time in orphanages. Everyone has everything they need (and more than enough of what they want). My wife and I have a good nest egg. We support multiple charities and organizations. None of this happens without the income I built using the system I built and which you can have to use.

THEN: Much of what I did was guesswork. My marketing was scattershot. There was bad idea after bad idea. I wasted more money on bad advertising than you can imagine.
NOW: While no one bats a thousand, my practice now regularly hits it out of the park. Our latest campaigns to bolster my long-term disability case work quadrupled that side of the practice. Everything we do is tracked, measured, and then repurposed to teach members of Great Legal Marketing. My practice is the #1 testing ground for marketing to help your practice.

THEN: I was at the beck and call of my practice and my clients. Interruptions could quickly overwhelm a day, leaving me frustrated and unproductive.
NOW: I work uninterrupted. Everything is done by appointment. There are rules governing how my time is used, and my staff protects my time carefully. We don’t have fires to put out, and there isn’t any drama. Employees don’t work into the evening and never need to come in on weekends. I don’t either.

How to Run a Practice You Love and Makes You (and Your Family) Plenty of Money

You already have a number in mind... It’s possibly increasing your monthly new client intakes... Or it’s gross revenue growth... Or improved net profit... No matter what your number is, the start of the year is the time to start chasing it. Fortunately, what I have for you can rapidly accelerate your progress.

And it’s not just me saying it - take a look on this page at what others have said about my program! They are actual practicing attorneys just like you who saw a letter like this one and said “YES!”

Despite what your critics might say, choosing to open your own law firm was the best decision you ever made.

Now let me show you how to make the most of it. How to get more clients. How to make more money. And how to construct a practice oriented around the lifestyle you desire.

The time you spend reading this letter will be the turning point you’ve been looking for…

Use My Proven System to Grow Your Law Firm with More and Better Clients
- Built By a Small Firm Attorney FOR Solo and Small Firm Attorneys

Power Tools to Become a Hero to Your Family to Your Family and an Icon in Your Community is what I wish was available when I started my practice back in 1995… so I decided to make it for you! See what you gain and what you will achieve…

This is About YOU and Your Practice Growth Needs

What you need most is SPECIFIC GUIDANCE and ongoing support.

Too many programs leave you out in the cold without the tools to make actual change.

This is different…

I want to get involved with your law firm and make sure you hit your goals!

Here’s a short list of what you can expect from the current Power Tools program and onboarding process…

  • Deep dive into the fundamentals of education-based direct response marketing - it flips everything you thought you knew about marketing on its head and provides you a brand new, intuitive way to market your law firm (basically, I’ll make your marketing better with less expense and higher returns).
  • A “license to kill” approach to internet marketing that sheds all the nonsense and gets you focused only on Targeting Your Best Clients - no more being taken advantage of by SEO companies who pretend to know what they’re doing… you’ll be the master capable of doing it yourself, getting your team to do it, and/or properly finding and managing a third-party SEO team
  • Pre-written ATTORNEY REFERRAL LETTER (we call it “The Ultimate Referral Letter”) you can use right out of the box to start generating new referred clients for your practice. This simple strategy requires almost no effort on your part except filling in a couple blanks. It takes advantage of an existing gap in service in your community - people who simply call the wrong type of law firm and are just referred to the local or regional bar referral hotline. (Right now, there are potential clients calling the wrong attorney… will you be the attorney who gets the referral? This letter puts you in that position.)
  • How to pull in pre-qualified clients motivated and pre-disposed to hire only you - no “selling” needed… All you need to do is follow my SIMPLE TEMPLATE to establish an educational lead generation offer that excites potential clients and sets you up as the Go-to Expert in your practice area. Again, just follow along and fill in the blanks according your law firm and specific practice area! I’ve made it super easy to achieve!
  • Follow-up marketing system turns “warm leads” into Hot Prospects just by adding a simple, client-first series of contact “touches” that can boost new client appointments by 47% or more!
  • Get in front of potential clients days, weeks, or even months before they think about calling an attorney and LOCK THEM IN to your law firm, so when they make a phone call, your law firm is the only one they want to do business with.
  • Time management rules to follow to ensure you get more done (and a whole lot faster with a great deal less stress - you should have energy at the end of your day to actually enjoy the things you personally love in life... one of my biggest gripes with our profession is we are taught a “die at your desk” mentality in service of our clients while ignoring the limited time we have on this planet to enjoy the fruits of our labor, so I’m changing that for attorneys like you!)
  • Step-by-step guidance, including when to set up each part of the program, who to contact if you need help with part of the process, vendors I recommend to supplement your implementation needs, and how to turn what you develop today into long-term growth and ever-increasing success

I probably don’t need to say it, but “that’s not all!” Your firm can rely on constant from support from Great Legal Marketing. Keep reading to find out more.

My #1 Goal For You…

It’s simple: help you attract more clients and make more money.

As a bonus, I will show you how to create an Owner-First Law Firm built around how you want your life to work. Want a law firm with 15+ attorneys whose schedules are always filled? Great. Done that for plenty of firms. Want a practice that is smaller and feeds you a high, consistent income, while allowing you to work less and take more time off? No problem. I’ve made that happen for more attorneys than I can count.

Your Game Plan to Increase New Clients in the Next 87 Days or Less

Here’s how you and I are going to rapidly improve your marketing and get more clients for your law firm together…

  • First, you get our Fast Start Checklist System. Easy-to-follow instructions make changes right away to your marketing, including directions on when to launch each piece of the campaign. You “turn in” these checklists to me, and I do a free marketing review for you. Plus, I’ll send you Visa gift cards and other rewards along the way to reward your progress.
  • Take advantage of INSIDER ACCESS to my chief marketer, Charley Mann. He has worked with thousands of attorneys on upgrading their marketing, and he’s excited to help you reach your goals. Nothing in the world of marketing is out of bounds with Charley. Just fire off an email to him with your question(s), and he’ll provide you comprehensive feedback. Basically, I’m giving you a direct line to the “Secret Weapon” behind my own marketing.
  • Power Tools comes with ready-to-deploy, best-in-class marketing templates, helping you to…
  • Get more referrals from other attorneys by using The Ultimate Referral Letter, featuring a letter you get to copy and paste - it’s already written for you! Imagine having access to a tool currently helping small firm attorneys get $10,000 or more of new referrals each month, with some home run hitters see six-figures in new client fees… This program is accomplishing exactly that for your peers right now! And it’s yours to use right away.
  • Build an educational client attraction tool by using The New Client Magnet, featuring step-by-step instructions. I’ve shown countless attorneys how to completely change the way their marketing works with this unbelievably valuable strategy! You’ll attract better clients who are pre-disposed to hire YOU over anyone else.
  • Develop a reliable web presence capable of capturing more client online than ever before by following The Attorney Blogging Guide. This one simple action, done just once a week for 12 minutes, yields long-term results unrivaled by “normal search engine optimization (SEO).”
  • Add other components such as email marketing (please, please don’t send any promotional emails until you read this guide), print marketing (I’ll show you why most print ads are terrible and how to turn them into high-performing advertisements), and goal setting (often, the key to greater success is learning how to create a better road map and identifying the right goals for you and your practice).
  • Get on the Monthly Gold Marketers Call featuring Charley Mann. He guides members through a new marketing opportunity every month and shares all the tips, tricks, and resources you need to attract even more clients. The live call is always recorded, and you get next day access to the call through your membership site (more on that soon!).
  • Your copy of the The Ben Glass Letter, a "behind the scenes" look at how Ben creates revolutionary practice-building strategies in his own firm and how you can implement his ideas in your own practice.
  • Receive your new edition of the GLM Advisor, a profession-leading publication on marketing and managing a solo or small law practice, each month. Imagine sitting down with a smartly selected group of high-end consultants who each want to share their best ideas with you for two hours straight. That’s the experience you get to have every month!

And don’t forget about the additional perks of being a member…

  • Exclusive discounts on major programs published by Great Legal Marketing, including staff training and personal development systems.
  • Major money off of your ticket to the annual Great Legal Marketing Summit, our premiere event every fall featuring the highest-quality instruction on practice development, personal growth, marketing, growing your team, money management, and a whole lot more.
  • Access to the members-only Fast Action Boot Camp - this event was created specifically for YOU, the new member who wants close attention in implementing your marketing and features a special workshop in which you work on your marketing with the guidance of the GLM team.
  • Round-the-clock access to your private membership site (“The Vault”) featuring the widest-ranging and most comprehensive selection of marketing and management information for solo and small firm attorneys

A Sincere and Fair WARNING:
Nothing Good Comes Free

If you look at the price of Power Tools and balk at $379 to start plus $197 per month in monthly membership (even though there is zero long-term commitment, a money-back guarantee, and a “cancel anytime” policy), feel free to follow that instinct and walk away. This probably isn’t right for you at this moment. But I know that many readers of this letter will be shocked at how small an investment they will make.

After all, $379 is the equivalent of a couple months of your cable bill. In some law firms, it’s less than you pay every month for your phone bill. I’ve spent more money on dinners out with my family (to be fair, nine kids can rack up the bill pretty fast!).

Why, then, is the investment comparatively so small if the value is so high?

Frankly, it’s because there are a lot of “vultures” in the world of law firm marketing. Plenty of organizations with bad intentions but slick sales pitches circle over our profession, looking for their next victim.

I work every day to combat these vultures and help attorneys build practices that provide them autonomy and independence. I want you to have your own resources and information to do deploy effective marketing, instead of relying on the “wisdom” of people who only want to sell you another widget.

Fortunately, there are still enough attorneys in our profession who want to learn. There used to be more… but it seems you and I are a dying breed. Too many attorneys these days turn over the firm’s fortunes to SEO “gurus” and bold promises from lead generation services, trading dollars they don’t have for leads that don’t really exist.

In short, I want to reward your curiosity with a fair deal.

Maybe it will allow someone who isn’t sure he or she is ready to take the plunge. There are too many stories to count of attorneys who joined Great Legal Marketing “before they were ready” and ended up more successful than they ever expected…

Well, the clock is ticking.

There are clients in your community who should sign a fee agreement with you.

There are more referrals to get (for those willing to follow a simple, inexpensive strategy).

There are leads aplenty online (if you know how to grab them).

And there are still countless clients available the “old-fashioned” ways (print, radio, etc. - but only if you follow my system and stop wasting money on ineffective ads).

It’s time for you to make a decision.

Everything you need is below…

Your Power Tools program is shipped immediately, you get instant access to the membership, and you’ll start enjoying the direct access benefits plus monthly Journal and Live Call as soon as you CLICK ADD TO CART below.

  • Yes, Ben, I want POWER TOOLS to Be a Hero to Your Family and Icon in Your Community, your proven marketing system featuring ready-to-launch templates, guided implementation modules, foolproof “Follow for Success” checklists, and long-term guidance on growing my practice! Please ship it to me ASAP!
  • And yes, I want my free month of membership, including DIRECT ACCESS to Charley Mann, your chief marketer and my new “Secret Weapon,” along with the monthly live call and Journal! (I also understand I will be billed $197 per month, but there is zero long-term contract and a Cancel Anytime policy.)
  • Finally, I also want instant access to my online membership site, where I can find thousands of dollars in additional strategies, an archive of past Journals and calls, plus a digital version of my Power Tools program, so I can dig in right away and start implementing!
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What Your Peers Say About Great Legal Marketing!

“Great Legal Marketing provides an outstanding product for smaller law firms and solo practitioners and I highly recommend it. I have been absolutely blown away by the materials and information that I have received since joining. I have participated in other services geared towards helping solo and small law firms. I paid five times as much every month, was locked into a long-term contract, and got 1/10th the value of what I have received as a gold member of Great Legal Marketing. This is the best service for the best price that I have found and if you are looking for help with increasing your firm's revenue, then I highly recommend you take the plunge and sign up with GLM.”

-- Ben Westbrook (Personal Injury; Texas)

“Great Legal Marketing has real common sense and proven ideas to Improve and expand a law practice. Attorney and law firm marketing expert Ben Glass (who is the real deal) really cares that each participant succeeds. Unless you are my competitor, I highly recommend Great Legal Marketing.

-- John Bledsoe (Family Law; California)

By far the best organization out there in terms of teaching lawyer marketing. Ben Glass not only teaches but is a practicing attorney who knows what we face on a day-to-day basis. At GLM, you will find an entire community of lawyers who are happy to share what they are doing in terms of marketing, law firm development, and management. I've been a very satisfied member since 2011 and look forward to many more years to come! Thank you, Great Legal Marketing!”

-- Carol Cadiz (Real Estate Law; Illinois)

“I've been a GLM member for several years and recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to professionally market their firm. This isn't about the cheesy TV ads that give lawyers a bad reputation. GLM is all about education and producing better educated consumers and clients. One of the biggest benefits is that you can learn how to market your firm effectively without having to spending thousands of dollars to do so.”

-- Walter Reaves (Criminal Defense; Texas)

“GLM is an excellent resource for me and my firm. I've been with them only three months and already my monthly income has doubled. This is a transformative group. Ben and Charley are accessible and helpful. I'm so glad I found them!”

-- Francine Love (Business Law; New York)

Great Legal Marketing is a godsend for any attorney who doesn't want to feel like she or he has to go get a business degree to understand what good marketing is for a law firm. They break it down into simple do-able steps and encourage you all along the way. Highly recommend.

-- Jenny Stevens (Family Law; South Carolina)

“It's very simple. Do you want to grow your law firm to the point where you can have more time for yourself? Do you want to enjoy the practice of law again and not feel like you're in the ‘rat race?’ Do you want to learn what they should have taught lawyers in law school about the business and marketing of law practice? Is that you? That was me. But not anymore. One of the best decisions I’ve made in my practice was to become a part of Great Legal Marketing.”

-- Abe Cardenas (Immigration Law; Florida)

  • Yes, Ben, I want POWER TOOLS to Be a Hero to Your Family and Icon in Your Community, your proven marketing system featuring ready-to-launch templates, guided implementation modules, foolproof “Follow for Success” checklists, and long-term guidance on growing my practice! Please ship it to me ASAP!
  • And yes, I want my free month of membership, including DIRECT ACCESS to Charley Mann, your chief marketer and my new “Secret Weapon,” along with the monthly live call and Journal! (I also understand I will be billed $197 per month, but there is zero long-term contract and a Cancel Anytime policy.)
  • Finally, I also want instant access to my online membership site, where I can find thousands of dollars in additional strategies, an archive of past Journals and calls, plus a digital version of my Power Tools program, so I can dig in right away and start implementing!
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