This is a call to all ambitious, family-first, small law firm owners and partners...
It's time to take the next step to making more money, attracting more clients,
and still making it home in time for dinner...

Add Six or Even Seven Figures to Your Bottom Line and Take Home More Profit as a Small Law Firm Owner or Partner...

(Without working garishly long hours, sacrificing critical time with your children and spouse, or otherwise chaining yourself to the office desk when you would rather be doing anything else ūüėÉ)

Dear Friend and Fellow Law Firm Owner,

If you want actual financial freedom from your law practice (which you very much deserve), you are in the right place.

‚ÄčAnd there is no better time to get started.

I'm going to show you how to achieve BIG WINS for your firm.

Without spending gobs of money...

Without using gimmicks or cheap tricks...

And without any "traditional" advertising.


‚ÄčYou will discover how to grow your law firm by six or even seven figures in 9-18 months (results vary depending on your firm's current state, of course) using strategies such as the following:

  • EXPLODE YOUR REFERRALS from other lawyers (an unexploited resource resembling an untapped diamond mine sitting inside your office, just waiting for you to grab a shovel and scoop this up)
  • MAGNETICALLY ATTRACT NEW CLIENTS to your firm using a "lead bait" tactic that has worked for over one hundred years in every industry and profession and is the #1 IMPROVEMENT made to my own practice (this alone generates double- and triple-digit percentage growth in small law firms - it is that POWERFUL)
  • ‚ÄčACTUALLY EFFECTIVE INTERNET MARKETING, instead of the gobbledygook spewed forth by most online marketers (they want to trick you into buying their latest gizmo, update, or software - I'm in your corner to bring you the TRUTH and show you how to best deploy your time and money)
  • ‚ÄčTHREE RESOURCES used by members of Great Legal Marketing to both generate more clients and turn those clients into high-quality referral sources (I couldn't live without these three items in my law firm, and they would be the first investment I made if I had to start from scratch)
  • ONLINE REVIEW GENERATION done with one, simple email that works like magic in getting people to leave you FIVE-STAR REVIEWS on Google (right now, this is critical in your pursuit to dominate local search)
  • ‚ÄčTHE BEST OPPORTUNITIES for your particular practice area - I've helped every possible practice area grow its bottom line, including personal injury, estate planning, criminal defense, family law, bankruptcy, business formation and contracts, immigration, workers comp, intellectual property law, and just about any other you can imagine
  • And a whole lot more money-generating, happiness-inducing marketing strategies for small law firm owners...

Solve This BIG PROBLEM (it occurs in 96% of marketing) to See Major Success!

I'm afraid law firms are notorious for this...

It's a monster mistake afflicting so much marketing in our profession, that you will now see it everywhere you look after I tell you what it is.

‚ÄčOf course, like most problems common to an industry/profession, it represents a huge opportunity for you to serve your market. (This is also why Great Legal Marketing remains a well-kept secret in most communities. Some members don't want to reveal their hidden advantages when they work so well for them!)‚Äč


What is the BIG PROBLEM?

Boring, repetitive marketing that is all about "me, me, me"!

Look at law firm websites, print ads, direct mail... anything you can find.

Nearly all of them look like each other.

The same message. The same promises made. Comparisons between number of years in practice and talk of how they "fight for the client."

When all of these messages look alike, none of them stand out.

‚ÄčWorst of all, the messaging is egocentric. It focuses on the law firm,¬†‚Äčinstead of the real needs of the client.‚Äč‚Äč

Even when you think your marketing is "different," it is usually a matter of degrees.

What I am suggesting is radically rethinking your messaging - completely turning around your marketing so that it focuses on attracting, educating, and converting prospects into clients!

‚ÄčIt's far easier than you think...

All you need is a willingness to CHALLENGE THE STATUS QUO.

(My marketing is definitely not for those who prefer to stay comfortably inside the box. If you care too much about what your peers think or are a complete conformist,‚Äč turn the other way, because you will be way too uncomfortable to succeed with my system.)

What is About to Happen?

You and I are going to come to an agreement about how things should be.

First, we need to agree on the things we want. These are things I have and work hard to keep in my practice. If you can't agree with me on at least two of these points, then we may not need to talk any farther. But if you DO AGREE on at least two points with what we want in life, then it is critical to continue our discussion...

Here is what I want to help you achieve:

  • Legitimate financial autonomy where you no longer fear lulls in revenue and know you can pay for the things you want and need
  • More time with your family, since they are the most important people in your life (and my #1 priority - my law firm exists first and foremost to serve my ultimate purpose: to provide for their emotional and financial security)
  • Improved status in your community as a recognized authority and important resource to those in need
  • A practice that is the envy of your peers, since yours will allow you to lead a life by your design (aka your practice serving you, instead of you serving your practice)
  • Better relationships with your family, your employees, your clients, and your community at large

Again, if you agree with me on the importance of at least two of the above points, it's time for us to get serious.

So, are we in agreement?

Great! Then let me introduce you to something special...

Right now, lawyers across the United States and Canada are members of a "secret society" achieving a common goal: small law firms with great economic results.

The organization I run is Great Legal Marketing, and my team and I serve our members monthly as a communal board of directors.

Each month, members dig in deep to the most important resource: a printed monthly newsletter, arriving at your address of choice (your law firm or home), called The Ben Glass Letter. (It's not the only resource you get; I'll talk more about the other components soon.)

This letter contains everything a small law firm needs to draw in new clients.

It is one part marketing insights and one part motivation.

‚ÄčAnd, yes, you need both.

In order for you to achieve your goals, I will do two things for you every single month:

  1. Provide you with at least three profit-increasing opportunities‚Äč to put to work in your practice right away, and...
  2. Keep you focused on achieving those goals while being realistic about the challenges of owning a small law firm. I take a pretty candid approach in discussing my own law firm, giving you the chance to vicariously learn from what I'm doing to grow my practice.

I am so confident in this letter's ability to grow your law firm, I don't make any Gold member sign a long-term contract. It remains month-to-month, keeping both of us incentivized to make your firm better than ever!

But that's hardly the end of what you get as a member.

Let me tell you more about it...

How This Works...

Every new member of Great Legal Marketing begins in the same place.

You start with a toolkit that has radically transformed and significantly improved more small law firms than any other resource I know of...

‚ÄčAnd I actually hand you the templates you need most to get INSTANT RESULTS.

No member is allowed to bypass this toolkit.

It is that critical to you actually achieving success.

(I'll actually give you the first month of membership free - a $197 value - as proof of the value of this toolkit.)

Your marketing growth system is Power Tools to Becoming a HERO to Your Family and ICON in Your Community...

Your Power Tools program equips you with all of the following:

  • MY PERSONAL MARKETING SYSTEM detailing what I did to move my practice from a mid-six figure firm to a seven-figure, still-growing practice
  • EASY-TO-FOLLOW CHECKLISTS that detail exactly what you need to do over the next six full months to easily deploy market-beating advertising strategies - these are stolen straight from the pages of "what would I do if I had to start my law firm's marketing from scratch"
  • MY "LITTLE BLACK BOOK" OF PREFERRED VENDORS to help you with implementing any one of the campaigns and tactics you uncover in Power Tools
  • YOUR FASTEST PATH TO REFERRALS with my "Ultimate Referral Letter" (included as a FREE bonus with Power Tools) - the letter to other lawyers in your community and their gold mine of potential clients for your practice is already written for you! All you need to do is put it in the mail and reap the rewards (I have countless success stories from this one bonus featuring financial benefits of $10,000, $20,000, and even $50,000 - you will establish a brand new network of referring law firms that you would never get otherwise by "stealing" this template and deploying it as part of this system!)
  • ONE HIGH-POWER EMAIL FOR GETTING FIVE-STAR REVIEWS to turn your Google Local profile into the best in your market... this one email has generated thousands of reviews for my members!
  • ‚ÄčSTART-TO-FINISH LEAD GENERATION BAIT CREATOR that guides you step-by-step through creating your "New Client Magnet" - a specifically designed report to give away to prospects and the very best tool for standing out in any region or practice area (parts are already written for you, meaning it takes almost no time to get up and running!)
  • ‚ÄčSECRETS TO HIGH PERFORMING WEBSITES so you can tune up, upgrade, or completely reboot your search engine optimization strategy - there are specific pages you need to work on first... and if you ignore them, no extra content that you produce will make any difference
  • AND MANY MORE closely guarded tactical plans, guides, and templates for rapid action and achievement... my goal is to GET YOU CLIENTS FAST

‚ÄčBest of all for you, I'm willing to part with this complete system for a shockingly low investment on your part...

Not even as much as it costs to ‚Äčpurchase a new 42" TV - probably not even as much as many of us spend on our monthly phone and data plans...

All of this is available to you for a scant...


Why would I price it that way?

Frankly, because I want you to become a longtime member. And by making it easy for you to achieve so much, so fast, at such a fair investment has allowed me to keep members around for a long, long time.

Like I said earlier, that $379 even includes your first month of membership, which is only $197 per month after that... a cost that will seem a pittance when you see what benefits I put in your hands...

Your Monthly Support System

‚ÄčAs I mentioned earlier, you need two key things every month:

  1. Profitable marketing strategies to attract more and better clients (and sometimes fewer clients who are much, much higher in value to improve profit margins)
  2. Motivation and focus to keep you on the path of constant achievement.

I have no interest in merely generating activities for you to do.


And your monthly membership benefits are finely honed tools to make that happen.

Here is what you can expect from us every single month, without fail:

  • Your latest edition of The Ben Glass Letter, the key cog in delivering money-making opportunities to your doorstep... Every month, I tear back the veil on my law firm and reveal what is being done to craft new marketing, improve operations, and increase both revenue and profit. I am prone to being over-honest, so expect a very candid look at the risks and rewards, the trials and triumphs. No fluff or B.S. in this letter. Its only authors are myself and Charley Mann, my trusted lieutenant and advisor to the members of Great Legal Marketing. (Value of $297)
  • ‚ÄčThe ‚Äčnewest GLM Advisor, a magazine-style publication featuring many of my own team members and outside contributors I deem worthy of being seen by you. This supplement to the Letter features many more tactics for the curious member who wants to rev up the marketing engine even more. (Value of $129)
  • Live teleseminar (also recorded and made available for you at your membership site... which you get as soon as you join, by the way!) for members discussing new marketing campaigns, tips to improve your current marketing, the latest technology to reach potential clients, and a whole lot more. Every month's call focuses on a single part of marketing, giving you a full battle plan for implementing or improving ways to attract the best clients to your practice. (Value of $250)
  • Access to a private membership portal, where you can download additional recordings of the teleseminars, back issues of the newsletters, and get your entire Power Tools system as a digital download - don't worry, we mail you a primary copy, because I believe in the power of having the physical system in your hands. (Value of... well, tens of thousands of dollars at this point with the archive, templates, kickstart programs, and more!)

Together, this is a minimum value of $676 in guidance per month (and I haven't revealed one of your other ongoing forms of assistance)...

Yet, your membership is only $197 per month - less than 1/3rd of the full value!

And, of course, you first month is FREE with your initial investment in Power Tools (your membership subscription occurs automatically after that, with billing once per month on the date of purchase until you cancel).

Now, let me tell you about something I know you will really, really appreciate...

All of Your Marketing Questions Answered, Whenever You Need

Here's one of the most valuable parts of your membership, aside from the monthly edition of The Ben Glass Letter...

‚ÄčYour personal marketing questions answered by those with actual experience.

Whenever you have a marketing question or need a new campaign reviewed, you can email my personal marketing strategist, Charley Mann. He has been with me for nearly a decade and has been instrumental in growing not just my own law firm but the firms of my members. Send him a question and he (or the best-qualified member of his team) will give you a complete answer. Not some trite bit of advice... an actual answer that helps you take action.

Want a marketing vendor's contract reviewed to ensure you are making the right choice and know what to expect for the return on investment?

Send it to us.

Need a mailer looked at before you spend money at the printer?

‚ÄčSend it to us.

Want your newest website redesign reviewed to make it the best possible version and not "just another law firm site"?

Send it ‚Äčto us.

Any question about marketing at all...

Send it to us! That's part of being a Gold member with Great Legal Marketing!

‚Äč‚ÄčRemember, my team is literally working on the marketing for my own law firm. This isn't a crew of average consultants spewing out nice-sounding answers. My team will tell you what is actually working for us and all of our other members (since we hear results from members all the time, giving us even more proven experience in the field).

What Others Have Accomplished...

Lee Berlin

"I have moved from a 600 sq ft office... to now a 1,650 sq ft office. Business has exploded, growing from $155,000 to $575,000 last year. We are on track to do over $800,000 for this year.‚ÄĚ

Lee Berlin, (Tulsa, OK / Criminal Defense)
Max Meyers

"My wife and I have financial security and are planning to purchase a vacation home in the next two years. Since 2014, my gross revenues have more than tripled!¬†I am an entrepreneur lawyer running my own firm, controlling my own destiny, and we are flourishing.‚ÄĚ

Max Meyers, (Kirkland, WA / Personal Injury)
Jackie Bedard

"Our gross revenue for January-March 2017 is 148% compared to the same time frame last year, and our April cash flow is already projected at almost our goal based upon meetings already scheduled ‚Äď and the month hasn‚Äôt even started yet!‚ÄĚ

Jackie Bedard, (Cary, NC / Family Law, Estate Planning)
Scott Swier

"We‚Äôve grown from a one-attorney law firm based in a tiny rural town to a multi-office law firm... and our law firm revenues have grown 75% each year¬†from 2012-2016!‚ÄĚ

Scott Swier, (Sioux Falls, SD / Estate Planning, Education Law, Others)
Wayne Holcomb

"Revenue increased 60% while working less than ever before!‚ÄĚ

Wayne Holcomb, (Yorktown, VA / Family Law, Criminal Defense)
Stacey Barrus

"Implementing GLM principles has provided a lot of opportunities for my family. I take time off whenever I want to go do things with my kids; I never miss important school events; and I am always home for family dinner. In fact, I just booked our family vacation for this summer: a 7-night Caribbean cruise!‚ÄĚ

Stacey Barrus, (San Antonio, TX / Personal Injury)
Joel Beck

"My year-to-date revenue went up 41% over the previous year!‚ÄĚ

Joel Beck, (Lawrenceville, GA / Business Law, Estate Planning)

Is This Right for You?

Ultimately, the decision is yours.

I know the results this can generate for ambitious, family-first lawyers.

You CAN make more money.

You CAN attract more clients.

And you CAN do it all while making it home in time for dinner.

I know, because I did it and because so many members of Great Legal Marketing now live that life. Some focus on rapidly increasing revenue and profit. Others refine the law firm in order to take back their time. Whatever your form of entrepreneurship may be, my marketing system will unlock the opportunities for you.

Here are some of things I believe you need to succeed with my system...

You need to be a self-enterprising individual.

You need to be able to make unilateral decisions (or have few people who have any say in the matter - you must act fast without committees shooting things down... good marketing dies in committees every day).

You need to understand that your law firm can be a profitable business making you lots of money and serving clients to the highest degree at the same time. These are not mutually exclusive ideals.

You need an open mind and willingness to challenge the status quo.

And you need to understand the value of investing in your own education. That's what you are about to do... invest in resources that follow the "teach a man to fish" model.

If this sounds like you, then you are like me.

And you can experience the same successes.

If you've read this far, I know you are committed to the idea of making a real change in your life, and I can't imagine a good reason for delay.

Your upfront investment is $379, making it a certainty that you will make that money back many, many times over - and very quickly, for that matter.

From there, membership is the simple sum of $197 per month, with the ability to cancel at any time.

I want lawyers like you and me to live good lives.

Are you ready to join your peers who have taken this important step in their journeys?

It's decision time...

Your Power Tools program awaits. Your Fast Start Checklists are ready. The templates are printed, the membership site is waiting for you to log in... and my team and I are standing by to help you succeed...

Leading Lawyers to Their Ideal Lives,

Ben Glass
Founder and Owner
BenGlassLaw and Great Legal Marketing

  • Yes, Ben, I want POWER TOOLS to Be a Hero to Your Family and Icon in Your Community, your proven marketing system featuring ready-to-launch templates, guided implementation modules, foolproof ‚ÄúFollow for Success‚ÄĚ checklists, and long-term guidance on growing my practice! Please ship it to me ASAP!
  • And yes, I want my free month of membership, including DIRECT ACCESS to Charley Mann, your chief marketer and my new ‚ÄúSecret Weapon‚ÄĚ to go with ‚ÄúThe Ben Glass Letter‚ÄĚ and Gold Call every month! (I also understand I will be billed $197 per month, but there is zero long-term contract and a Cancel Anytime policy.)
  • Finally, I also want instant access to my online membership site, where I can find thousands of dollars in additional strategies, an archive of past newsletters and calls, plus a digital version of my Power Tools program, so I can dig in right away and start implementing!
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